April 26, 2007

Self-fulfilling Prophecies

If you repeat to yourself: "I will fail" often enough, you will in more cases than not. Similarly, if a government treats its own people like mindless, rioting idiots, the people reward them by being just that. Again, in most cases than not. I'm hoping this one is not.

As Rezwan noted two weeks ago, the thinking behind keeping the leaders out of the country instead of bringing them to trial was that these trials would be susceptible to mass public pressures. While the source is dubious, if you scan the papers in the last two weeks, that is more or less what the advisors say. (I'll put up some newspaper links later!)

Now that the exile saga has fallen through, efforts are under way to do what should have been done in the first place! However, now that both AL and BNP are putting up "Mission Accomplished" banners, can you imagine the depth of popular support they will get?

All of which could simply have been avoided by giving a bit more credit to the masses! I know they don't always bring the best people to power, but they know when justice is being done.

Now, one hopes they are still in that mood after all the needless drama!


SUSHANTA said...

SIR, Could you pls edit the layout of your page.

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Asif said...

Dear Sushanta,

I'm playing around with colours for a bit. Bear with me for a few days:)

SUSHANTA said...

The present layout if fine I think.

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