July 02, 2007

Possible Oil Spill Near Sundarbans

Via Shadakalo, there seems to be an oil spill near the Sundarbans, which of course has gone beneath the media's radar thanks to issues of such paramount importance as B. Chowdhury starting reforms and our political parties unwillingness to sit with the EC. This is the power of citizen journalism.

(Unrelated rant:And of course had this been an Indian tanker, then no doubt we would have found the dirty hands of RAW behind it. But since it's just another one of our Muslim (albeit Shi'a) brothers polluting our backyards, we will no doubt overlook it in the name of Muslim solidarity. Please note, not Islamic, but Muslim solidarity.)

I'm on a mini-vacation right now and so will be off blogging for the next few days. Just wanted to wish all my British readers well and hope that they are all safe and ok at this very edgy time for them in the isles.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Dhakashohor and your kind words on my blog