August 24, 2007

Ami Haal Cherey Dilaam

It's too much work convincing people that narratives of power are wrong. Much easier to keep going with the flow. From hereonin, I believe the following:

1) Someone paid these "students", "street vendors", "slum dwellers" to protest. Inflation has nothing to do with it. Even suggesting "inflation" as a cause should be tantamount to treason. Policy prescription: get rid of Bangladesh Bank. Useless organization.

2) These Evil Forces want "us" to be destroyed so that they can do whatever they want to do afer our destruction. Probably enslave our women and ride our cars at 100 mph through the airport road. I'm glad that this government is taking steps so that doesn't happen.

3) Beating and harrassing journalists and DU students indiscriminately was not only the necessary move for national security, but a just one. Kudos to whoever thought that one up. Policy prescription: keep doing it.

4) The indiscriminate property destruction shows the absolute moral bankruptcy of DU students. There is no way this can be condoned. The indiscriminate response to that was the emotional over-reaction of a handful of government employees. This can be overlooked.

5) Don't argue against any government, be it BNP, AL, JIB or whatever this current one is. They're right and you're wrong.

I resign myself humbly to trusting my government without question. I urge all my fellow citizens to do the same. From now on, if things go wrong at least they won't blame it on the rest of us.

Or will they?

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fugstar said...

I'm having trouble inverting all of these statements. My own sarcasm has been forged in a different cauldron i imagine, each of these babies have a few alternative readings.

Personally I would prefer desh to settle to an equilibrium and for tolerance levels to go up everywhere, and that analysis be based on a systematic temporal and spatial characteristics of what happened. Following this, precise actions can be taken.

A crude what? and what? and how?, before the why? can be completely answered and every single recent social ill can be used to decorate the situation with the collective phaisha gesi line.

Is every single narrative of power wrong simply because there is power there and unfairness in the historical back catalogue? What about the narrative of civic virtue?

agreed on the understanding that heavier trains of thought restrict future pathways.

I have hopes for the goevernment, and i don't relish relatively small events undermining these hopes. (better government)

The few elements that exploited this situation and made it worse need to understand that oh dear..i feel a tony blairism coming on... 'the rules of the game have changed'.

Political patronage networks in the academy must go. It harms institutional growth and blossoming. Wouldn't you like a scenario where a government is not destracted by petty politics and chairsitting, and can focus on planning?

.stokes cat.