August 27, 2007

Thank You Brigadier Hafiz!

Thank you! Divisive - "if you're not with us, you're against us" - people, take heed.


Zulfikar Ali said...

Blaming the students doesn not justify the recent violence. Students are the future leaders of our country. If they see a student uprising is being crushed with brutal military force, what kind of example these so-called CTG leaders are setting for our future leaders! We need election as soon as possible. Governing power of Bangladesh needs to handed over to an elected goverment as soon as possible. Otherwise, our economy will be destroyed and we will 100 years behind the rest of the world.

asif said...

Zulfikar bhai,

Apni ki article ta porsen? It doesn't blame the students at all.

And if these students are indeed the future leaders, then we are in big trouble bhai. Leaders should know how to control their movements, not be a "sorcerer's apprentice" and lose control. Whatever you say, I don't approve of violence and destruction, no matter what.

These CTG leaders are not setting any examples different from the one set by political leaders of the last 15 years. Early elections mean that those political leaders will come back. I want elections and democracy too, but I don't want the politics I've seen in the last 16 years. What do you suggest we do to fix that? Rhetorical question na, I'm genuinely asking.

asif said...

Let me also just add: this govt. has proven to be extremely bad for local economic activity (although remittances are at record high and infrastructure is working fine), so yes in agreement there. This government should stick to holding elections and trying corrupt people, not any of the other 1000 things its doing.

Zulfikar Ali said...

Asif bhai -- i have read the article and my comment is not directly related to this article. I do not support any sort of violence either, but what Army did to the response to the violence doesn't show quality leadership. And I agree with you that in last 15 years we haven't seen any better. But last three governments were elected by the people and yes there was vote manipulation. And those three election result was also approved by the international community.

It takes time to flourish democracy. I do not see Bangladesh is practicing pure form of democracy in just 15 years. It will take time, perhaps 50 more years. But if military interfere in civil administration, it disrupts the growth of democracy. The sole purpose of a military is for defense, not for governing the country. Bangladesh Army is a pride for us, but every time military gets involved in politics, things get dirty. We have seen this during Zia and Ershad regime.

We have to think big picture now. If this regime continues, where will Bangladesh be in 15 years! I did support the CTG when they took over power, and now all I can see is that their motive and tactic to govern is no different than other. So I have withdrawn my support for them.

So to summarize, I do not support this Army backed government as I think it is detrimental to democracy. I do not support any violence, and I believe diplomacy should be the tool to overcome this current situation. I think election should be held as soon as possible, because most corrupt politicians are already in jail (and i give kudos to CTG for this). So good honest people from all parties will get a chance to serve the people of Bangladesh. Set all politics aside, people of Bangladesh are suffering with recent price hikes, flooding, arrest etc. It is our civic duty to question the government, because it is run by the tax payer’s money. So I am questioning the Army backed CTG’s governing policy and their motives.