August 22, 2007

On the Brink?

Update: Two of my friends in Dhaka are telling me that the TV news mentioned explicitly that small shop owners/ footpath peddlers/ hawkers joined in the riots. For me, that’s a direct response to CTG policies. Once again, not condoning violence, just trying to understand the line of cause and effect here.

If the rumours filtering through the thick cloud of smoke from Dhaka to the blogosphere are any indication, big changes might be in the offing. Martial Law?

1975 redux? Or do we truly live in unique times?

Lesson of the story: students are the scariest interest group in the country!


Anonymous said...

BBC is now reporting that the protests have become broad-based.

SUSHANTA said...

Pls Listen the audio bulletin by Tasneem Khalil with the latest updates on anti-military riots in Bangladesh.To be updated every two hours.

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