October 22, 2007

Dhaka Shohor Predictions following "Bankgate"

Things I expect to happen in the next week in Dhaka with regards to "Bankgate" (thank you SA bhai!). All "might"s and "may"s, no guarantess and no money back:

1) This particular chartered accounting firm might lose a few employees. Some of the senior partners might even have corruption charges made against them.

2) A new aura of mystery will come to surround the banker's profession even as it has come to surround the soldier's profession over the last 32 years. In support of this, let me quote a managing director of a recently famous bank from a Pravda Amader Shomoy interview (h/t Shadakalo): "Those who are making noise about this do not know anything about banking". Yes, I agree. So as a banker, tell us why all this has been misinterpreted and give us the correct explanation. We're NOT bankers, true. But neither are we so stupid that we won't get it if you took the trouble to explain.

3) A certain prospectus dealing with an army-owned bank that recently went public might just go offline from the Stock Exchange Commission website.

4) E-bangladesh and the Stock Exchange Commission sites might be blocked from within Bangladesh.

5) The affairs of public companies might come under the Officials Secrets Act of 1923, and made public to foreign nationals only and not to Bangladeshi citizens. Yes, that is how twisted our sense of national security can be.

6) The use of the internet might be made illegal in Bangladesh, especially for business uses or to get information about potential investments.

7) "Tareque Zia made me do it!"

8) The teaching of accounting, banking and mathematics might be banned from Bangladeshi schools to make way for MANLY disciplines more applicable to "REAL life", such as theoretical physics, cellular biology and abstract mathematics. Political science, such as it is in Bangladesh, will be completely banned given that there will be no "politics" - a synonym for the AL-BNP katakati - to study anymore. And then we can all live happily ever after....

Pretty outlandish eh? But in the brave new post-1/11 world, I would not be surprised unless I were to see the following. Methinks that I will live to see Hell freeze over, but not the following:

1) Any explanation that is civil and acknowledges the right of citizens to ask questions of politicians AND public servants.

2) Any act even resembling "accountability" of public officials.

And thus we will stumble onto 2008 and beyond till the next 1/11, the next Messiah and the next bunch of sycophants crying "Hosanna".

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