October 31, 2007

War Again Corruption to War Against Drugs

I hear that Delwar Hossain's son has been arrested on the grounds of drug possession. Are yaba khors the new kombol-chors? Stay tuned....

Up next: the War against Viagra and other Egregious Sexual Paraphernalia (ref: the Purbani director story), the War against Fundamentalists (no necessarily war criminals, just anyone with a beard), followed a few Wars later by the War against Bloggers (not necessarily bloggers, just anyone with an internet connection). I blame Bush's rhetoric.

As long as there are wars Wars to be fought, the CTG simply cannot relinquish power and its supporters will continue to point to its critics as: "corruptionists", "drug peddlers", "perverts", "fundamentalists" and as "bloggers".

So pre-emptively let me state this: this blog "internets" is drugs-free, sex-free, fundie-free and blog-free. Soon, like 'Desh, it might become critic-free too.

Apologies to everyone for mentioning the V-drug.


Anonymous said...

You have definitely hit on something. Amin Huda was captured with one Viagra tablet. So, the intrepid investigators are naturally asking, "What happened to the rest of the Viagra?" This has led them to hunt down his girlfriends.

I see this mushrooming into an international Viagra scandal!

This is much better than watching "Law & Order"!

tacit said...

O you "dhonir dulals." Tsk tsk.

Hang in there, AsifY, you'll make secretary-general yet.Just make sure you don't "let it go."

Jyoti said...

Yeah, now that Sopranos/West Wing/Deadwood are all finished, we have to watch this Deshi soap opera. I predict that the Rahman brothers and their friend Mamun will be implicated next with all sorts activities that dhonir dulals do.