October 27, 2007

The Only Words I Have for Mujahid

Mujahid doesn't deserve a response.

He deserves to be taken to Benapole or the Bay and tossed aside like garbage. Ditto for his supporters. Dhaka Shohor has a few candid words for him - in Bangla of course: when you're outraged swearing in Bangla brings the blood pressure down, but only if you're a non-Rajakar Bangali which Mujahid is not - but frankly they are not for civilised ears.

So excuse this small moment of anger: shala tor ***** *****. Imagine what you will but don't ask for clarifications.


ZaFa said...

A big comforting hug from a friend.

Listen, we have to keep the outrage alive till the government pays attention.
Mujahid and his gang will not get away with this....if we can help it.

How disgusting is this that these animals are not only free but enjoying high political posts, where a brave journalist like Akash is being tortured in custody right now for interviewing RU teachers in Rajshahi. EBD will post the report soon.

- a said...

Thanks Zafa! I look forward to reading the e-bangladesh report. You guys are doing a great job: keep it up!

DhakaShohor said...

For those interested in the Akash story, UV has put up a detailed post: http://www.drishtipat.org/blog/2007/10/30/meet-the-tipu-sultan-of-2007/

ZaFa said...

EBD has the translation of Akash's statement from the jail that was somehow smuggled out and made available to EBD.


Akash was holding his 4 month old baby when RAB put a mask on his face and dragged him away.

Reading his ordeal is like reading some russian spy novel with grusome detail of torture.
In this case, it's all real, no fantasy....