September 10, 2007

Foot in Mouth of the Day

Our winner today: Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan and the rebel "mainstream" faction of the BNP.

In a letter to the Election Commission, they declare that the party chief's expulsion of Mr. Bhuiyan and Mr. Hossain on the day of her arrest was "a violation of the government's ban on indoor politics".

Ahh yes, that ban. The one that made it illegal for all politicians to make speeches inside their homes and call press conferences inside. THAT ban. In all fairness, Mrs. Zia did make her declaration on the steps of the CMM court, so technically she was outdoors. Unless "outdoors" in the new "indoors". Who can tell in this brave new upside-down, inside-out world?

Oh well, here goes: foot firmly in mouth.

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Rezwan said...

Eloquently put. Enjoy the show.