September 11, 2007

Late Night Wonderings

So who wants to speculate as to why Nawaz Sharif's airport drama draws an editorial from the DS?

A toast to human inventiveness and the power of metaphors to by-pass clumsy censors etc etc....


ZaFa said...

Read the article in TIMES Pakistan's New Odd Couple

Apparently a big “push” for reconciliation with Benazir came from big bro U.S. via Condi. Bush admin is worried that increasing discontent towards Musharraf by his fellow countrymen will be in the way of their “war on terrorism”.

The report claims that Musharraf traveled secretly by special plane to Abu Dhabi to meet Bhutto in late July at one of the royal palaces and talked about sharing power.

May the DS editor is trying to tell the Ahmeds and the Hoseins of CTG that they should worry about their future as well.

rumi said...

Despite all my venting against PA DS design in causing 1/11, I still crave for timely and very well written dissents from Mahfuz Anam.

I expected a commentary from him on current media censorship and arrest of the teachers. New Age has done that.

About this Pakistan editorial, you will be surprised to see that many other Bangla newspaper published exactly similar editorial in their newspappers. I saw it at least 5 newspaper so far. Exactly the same theme.

Anonymous said...

I think the Daily Star is putting Pakistan's image in a bad light by reporting on how Musharraf is putting Pakistan's image in a bad light. Shame on the Daily Star - what part of censorship don't they understand! :)

asif said...


Coincidentally, I read the Times as I was waiting for a haircut! Yes that is exactly what the editor is trying to do, and bless him for trying.

Rumi bhai,

I think Naya Diganta also ran a similar editorial. I suppose PA must have done so too.

Mahfuz Anam's self-restraint has been Nurul Kabir's windfall. "He who hesitates is lost" in this business.


I think you should inform the Pakistani embassy in Dhaka about DS's nefarious conspiracy to belittle Pakistan. They must be in the pay of "foreign agents"!:)

I just came across this article in Foreign Policy:

It talks about how the military is no worse than Pakistan's democracies and that the US should not lose sight of "the War on Terror". It's sad really that anyone takes this myopic view of terrorism in the year 2007, and shoddy too on Pakistan's history.