September 13, 2007

Tigers Roar!

And how I find out.

Reactions from the street that I completely made up sitting on my couch (and do feel free to make up your own as long as you stick to public figures or yourself!):

"For 36 years, we have not won anything on the world stage because of corruption. Now the CTG has come and we've beaten the powerhouse of world cricket, the West Indies!" - random CTG supporter bearing a suspicious resemblance to a famous newspaper magnate cum barrister cum advisor cum MAGICIAN.

"If our Mahatir had not shut down the entire city for cricket, we would not have learnt how important this game was! This is why we need a strong leader. Long live Mahatir!" - random BNP supporter taking the time out from arguing with the police in front of closed offices.

"Yet another victory for democracy, human rights and secula - Ki? West Indies?? Dhur miya, raakhen eishob. I thought you were talking about us beating these Jamaatis!" - random AL supporter taking time off from beating up "reform" leaders.

"Cricket is the epitome of the bourgeoisie's exploitation of the proletariat. Banglar Krishokera ei khela kokhonoi kheltey raaji hobey na. Viva La Revolucion!" - CPB spokesman.

"Cricket is haraam." - IOJ spokesman *insert appropriate Arabic/Persian/Urdu title*

Excuse my poor attempts at humour. Rare to wake up in the morning and get some good news nowadays.


ZaFa said...

Very funny.
I got one....

Hannan Shah said; “What we should learn from the Tigers is that the win was possible by changing the leadership from Habibul to Ashraful without making any new rules in the game....I as the new spearhead of BNP will lead the party to victory in the election without any reform what-so-ever....”

tacit said...

Can I play too?

Matiur Rahman Nizami commented "This victory highlights how a truly great partnership works. We all saw how Ashraful played some blazing strokes, and took all the risks in taming the WI pacers, but on the brink of victory, was run out by Aftab Ahmed, and then on his way back, was also stabbed in the back by Aftab." At this point, Ali Ahsan Muhammad Mujahid would be seen tersely ordering a dedicated rokon to shut off the microphone.

Former President Hossain Mohammed Ershad would offer to dedicate the rest of his life to the nation by becoming a mentor to the nation's Twenty20 team. Speaking outside his President's Park residence, the former president would claim his mercurial style of team-building, going for cheeky runs, and constantly maneuvering to outfox his opponents was the very essence of the 20 over game, and as such, would help the Twenty20 team immeasurably.

asif said...

Good stuff both!!:) Keep them coming. I hereby declare this contest open. Does the contest have a name?

jyoti said...

Ei khelaye jit de diye porashokti amader mon bhualay dicche, all the while using IMF and WB to take our resource away, janagan ke bujhte hobe ei shorojontro.
- Farhad Mazhar

ZaFa said...

Hey...I didn’t know multiple entries were allowed!'s Friday, and I obviously have nothing better to here goes... LOL

Najmul Huda sent an eight page long hand written note from his jail cell, suggesting that the Constitution be amended to allow the army chief Moeen Uddin Ahmed (MUA) become the ex officio president of Bangladesh Cricket Board. He explained….that way there would be no confusion on who gets the credit for Tiger’s victory in the future...and it is only the “love for the country” that has prompted him to write the note.

Meanwhile Amader Shomoy editor Naimul Islam Khan published full-page editorial claiming Gen MUA has not accepted the position as the President of Bangladesh Cricket Board, despite repeated requests from cricket fans, even though he would make a mighty fine president of BCB. After all, the credit for the Tiger’s win goes to MUA. He created an environment (by enforcing Emergency rules, curbing civil rights, imposing censorship on press etc) that strained the players’ psyche so much that they just exploded with vigor in the cricket fields of JoBurg.

In a small press-conference type meeting that was nor under LDP banner, Badroddoja Chowdhury said, “Tigers amader ekti notun dharar gonotantrik uttoroner poth khuje diyechhe...tai ami shiddhanto niyechhi....BNP te phire jabo. Zia’r adorsho ke shamne rekhe (ar amar chele ke pashe rekhe), jatiotabodhe udbiddho hoye...(at this point people started to leave complaining their ‘roja’ might become ‘makruh’ if they listened to him any more.....)