September 19, 2007

This Is Not Islam

Do these hypocrites know that it's Ramzan?

Down with censorship.

Down with stupidity.

Down with using "Islam" to justify their own pitiful existence.

Down with using "Islam" to silence anyone who points out their ignorance.

The "offending" cartoon criticises the SUPERSTITION that goes on in the name of Islam, not the Prophet nor Islam (as we "uneducated Bangalis" understand it anyhow). If these gentlemen above have a problem against that, then they have a problem against Islam.

Small pointer to the Western media: this is NOTHING like the Danish cartoons incident. Those cartoons were REALLY racist.

Over and out. Oh one more thing:



Anonymous said...

We reaaally need a national 'sense-of-humor' day. What's wrong with these people?

chill out is all I can say...


Anonymous said...

Well, can we say looking at US Army role in Iraq that it is Christianity? I guess not. So your logic cannot pass the test of basic logic. It can only generate more hatred.

Sid said...

Well, can we say looking at US Army role in Iraq that it is Christianity

Irrelevant. These people are not protesting the Christian values of the US Army anyway!

These people are burning newspapers and calling for the death of journalists. Asif is right in asking what this has got to do with Islam. Dirty Politics maybe, but why dress up dijavascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentrty politics under the pretence of religion?

These people should be

asif said...

Anonymous at 5:13,

Please elaborate as to why my logic will generate more hatred. And since when is an American counter-example enough to become the "test of basic logic"?

More importantly, I've called out Christian hypocrisy many times in my life. Do you not find it illogical that Christians have made war over 20 centuries in the name of a pacifist Jesus?

Saif said...

But this is not about censorship, Asif bhai. This is about truth and lies, and an innocent man being sent to jail.

So said...

Couldn't have ranted better myself. The government needs to free this cartoonist without delay.

asif said...

So, my old friend! Glad to see you've wandered along to my blog! Yes, ranting is what I do best!:) "Rant" also happens to be one of my favourite words.

So said...

AsifY, my old friend! Clicked on a link on the DP blog, then clicked on another link and another link until I found my way to your rant. Maybe I'll come back to visit from time to time.