November 08, 2007

"Dark Clouds" - Election Commissioners at London

Via Voice of Bangladeshi Bloggers:

On a tax-funded pleasure highly important trip to London, the election Commissioners speak. Of much interest is Commissioner Shakhawat's segment. Apparently he had said at some point that "there are dark clouds on the horizon". Asked what "those coulds were", he says:

"A lot of things. There are still 12 months - 14 months to election. A lot of things can happen in Bangladesh. We have seen an incident at the University. I urge the political parties to proceed with caution - in these coming 14 months - their programs - let's hope that the elections are not impeded (bahoto) because of them."

"A lot of things can happen in 14 months", is a phrase reminiscent of what General Moeen said on his visit to the U.S. Soon afterwards, the midnight coup within BNP took place. Dark clouds indeed, but I doubt that the "neutral" EC and humble bloggers like ourselves see the same clouds.

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