May 22, 2007

Bangladesh Zeitgeist Watch - Jon Stewart, Bangladesh loves you

Even as I turned on the TV for the only show I seem to watch nowadays, I had a feeling that Stewart would provide me with a bloggable moment. Two seconds in, he ironically mentions that the Daily Show is watched from "here to Bangladesh".

Right on, Dude! *insert rock-on sign*

Expect a clip soon.

PS. He also mentioned something about Bangladeshi comedy shows that he watches. While that might be is a joke, I hope that someone on his staff browses through Bangladeshi blogs to give me my 15 seconds of fame. Hey, equally arcane in terms of the global zeitgeist!

PPS. "Everyone loves Canada: we're the world's gay friend." Classic.


Anonymous said...

true... but do you also get the feeling that JS is loosing his teeth nowadays. I have started migrating to 'Chaser's War on Everything'. Granted its Australian but those guys sure know how to throw a punch.

My favorite:


ZaFa said...

Have you seen Jon's interview of Yunus? It's in the uTube (...if you haven't seen yet).
He was nice to DMY and praised him. Good moments for us.

asif said...

Thank you both for the links!

Baangal, I still like JS and hope he continues functioning after Bush steps down. That's when his real test will be. I'll take a look at the link soon.

Zafa, I actually watched it the night it was broadcast! I had spent the time between the Nobel and the broadcast talking about Yunus to my roommates, who were sick and tired of it. Needless to say, when he announced that Yunus was going to be on the show, my roommates made sure I was there!

Anthony said...

Chaser is definitely lot more edgy than the Daily Show, partly because it's no longer 'out there' to poke fun at Bush.