May 09, 2007

Of Crooks, Reverends and Reporters

Hitchens writes in his weekly column for on a new book about Nixon and Kissinger. One of the few things I can agree on with Hitchens. I disagree with him vehemently on most subjects, but have to give him his due when he correctly terms 1971 as "genocide". Kudos Mr. Hitchens!

Alex Koppelman on's War Room blog gives us his take on a debate between Hitchens and Rev. Sharpton at the New York Public Library. The debate centred around religion and the idea of God, both of which Hitchens criticises as being poisonous to civilisation. Apparently Hitchens got the better of the exchange. However, the Reverend did come back at him with this:

"You are a man of faith, because any man that still to this day believes that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has more faith than any religious person I know."

Reverend, you leave me speechless but smiling.


Zafa Noor said...

I’m no fan of Al Sharpton, but he’s most definitely a quick-witted man. Man, he can talk.
Have you seen/heard his comments on the Imus mishap? ;)

Don't get me started on Kissinger - I feel blood rush to my head (that bast***).

Asif said...

Sharpton's a loudmouth for sure. What comments on Imus? I heard he hosted Imus on his own radio show.

Kissinger... *sigh*. Has any one individual ever succeeded in getting more people to hate him than this man? A couple of years ago, this troupe of actors did a play on him - "Inside Henry's Mind" or a variation thereof. It included members of every country in which people were killed because of his actions (or deliberate inaction). Sadly, no one from Bangladesh!