May 26, 2007

Poribartontro? Sheita abar ki?

It seems that bringing up the core issues of dynastic politics has been largely unsuccessful. Politicians and their spokespeople either ignore them or talk around them.

Here we have Mrs. Zia saying that there is no dynastic politics in the BNP because her personal success "has not been achieved overnight by means of family influence. It's the result of hard work, merit and support from the people."

Now who would dispute this, other than hard-core Awami Leaguers? She has been the PM twice, and has been in politics for nearly two decades now. Her pre-eminence is a result of a lack of intra-party democracy rather than dynastic politics. When people talk about dynastic politics within BNP, they do not refer to her, but to her son's undue influence within the party and her brother's recent appointment. Even her own party members have expressed reservations about this and broken away from the party!

Did she focus on these issues? No. Did her party supporters raise them? Of course not. The myth of poribartontro has been laid to rest. *Applause* I blame the media and Shushil Shomaj for creating it in the first place! *Booo*

Now I'm not doing this to maintain "balance" a la the CTG. But I read something on Mr. Wazed (Joy)'s blog today that gave me the similar creeps. In trying to rebut claims from a mythical "Shushil Shomaj" (which he himself is part of till he formally joins the AL, may I humbly point out), he says:

"Let me remind Shushil Samaj again. There were no mass arrests during the Awami League’s time. There were no arrests without warrants. People were not held indefinitely without bail. There were no extra judicial killings. Due process was followed, even for the murderers of my family."

"even for the murderers of my family"? Has the thought ever crossed Mr. Wazed's head that the trial of his family's murderers - though highly, highly deserved - was an instance of family favouritism? What about justice for the families of those who sacrificed their lives in 1971? What did the AL '96-2001 do for them? Did they try to bring Rajakars to trial? Did they try to get an apology from Pakistan?

With thousands of people having justice delayed for them everyday, was this not a clear example of the downfalls of poribartontro? Yet, "even" for the murderers of his family?

This is not hostility towards the Awami League and its supporters. I respect grassroot political party workers for the hard work they do and the risks they take. I just don't want them doing all this for two to three top families.

I know for a fact that I have at least one friend and reader who is an ex-BCL leader. The other day, his brother got harrassed by the authorities. I didn't see Mr. Wazed write on his blog about that. True, he doesn't have time to deal with every case of illegitimate detention by the CTG. So what about M K Alamgir? I didn't find any mention of him either. In fact, when not railing against all institutions in our country except the Awami League, the only victim he has recognised on his blog was his own mother, Mrs. Sheikh Hasina. This is not to say that Awami League believe in poribartontro - far from it! The Awami League website simply displays his blog prominently because apparently he's the only Awami League blogger.

Poribartontro? Banish the thought!

Update: To be fair to Mr. Wazed, he has very commendably raised the issue of slum dwellers being evicted on his blog. Predictably, he fails to mention that this has happened under all governments, including the recent Awami one. Read Dhaka University's Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed's take on this here. Oh, and a word of warning: being a Dhaka University Professor, Dr. Ahmed is a member of civil society.


SUSHANTA said...

Tnx Asif to get my brother's Issue.

For kind information, I have got an e-mail from Sajeed W Joy regarding my brother's harrasement issue. He felt sad for that and gave few suggestion about how to fight the case. Here is the e-mail that i got as it is:

Hi Sushanta,

I had heard about your brother. I’m very sorry to hear that. The same thing has happened to many of our activists who are innocent, as well. This is the problem with an authoritarian regime and make no mistakes about it, this is an authoritarian regime now.

You may want to get in touch with your local MP and other political leaders. The more you can educate them about what is happening, the more willing they will be to increase pressure.

Good luck!


asif said...

My friend,

Even as I wrote this, I knew you'd have an answer for me before the day was up! I even had a feeling that it would be an email or a phone call of some sort. I had no doubt that Mr. Wazed would be very concerned about your brother and other party activists.

At the same time, I do have this to say: when he started blogging, a lot of my friends and I were very excited. We felt that he would break away from the traditional rhetoric of BD politics and do something new and different. So far, he has not done so. Unfortunately it has been the same old style rhetoric, a hallmark of which is concern for family members over that of others.
To clarify: I don't know him personally, don't think I ever will. My piece was never meant to reflect on him as an individual, but as a public figure of some note. Thus I concentrated on what he is writing publicly rather than privately.

asif said...

And I hope your brother is doing better now.

SUSHANTA said...

Dear Asif Bhai

I was looking for your e-mail in your blog site but failed to get. I wished to inform you all the matter going on with our very simple family.

He is not well now. Habiganj PS has applied for 5 days remand to the court. Monday we will fight in the court to get the bail for him.

I have updated few facts in my blog. However many tnx for your concern.


Like you, I was also impressed to get joy in Blog. Many of my frnds forwarded his blog addy to me. But Finally he is not doing as like as we think. WE many wrote to him not to write the word 'My mother' in the blog. But still now he is using the word rather using President of AL.

But we everybody should try to change the views of Sajeeb W Joy. As he is well educated guy. He is capable of doing good things for BD people. So why not we try to change him?

asif said...

sushanta bhai,

sorry for the delay. Koyek din dhorey internet er shomosha. Amar email address ekhon ami sidebar e diye diyechi. Once again, all the best for your brother.

SUSHANTA said...

read it .

here is an update about my brother's case.

Alokito Bangladesh said...

This is an age of advanced politics. Politics is a major sector for every country because the political instability can make the country far behind both socio-economically and financially. And in counties like Bangladesh where this so called "paribabtontro" are existing those countries are the worst sufferers. Only the qualified persons should take part into the politics.

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