May 11, 2007

Tasneem released, Tipu Sultan's home raided

DP reporting on the release of journalist Tasneem Khalil. More to follow.

Can't access the daily star website. Possible internal or external dispute about contents? New Age has this piece.

Meanwhile we hear that journalist Tipu Sultan's home has been raided in Dhaka. Press intimidation at its best. Stay tuned for more!

Update: WTF is wrong with the DS website? I don't know what shit's going down, but it's 2 a.m. BST and neither Prothom Alo nor Daily Star have the new edition up there. Anybody has any information as to what's going on?

Update 2: Well, 25 minutes after the last update, the DS website is up, but it's still all yesterday's news. Prothom Alo has also updated and has the news about Tasneem.

Update 3: DS story finally up. A disappointment if ever there was one. Really, do we give a shit about what your editor has to say? Is he the focus of this story?

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