May 10, 2007

Media censorship watch - the Biman story

(Updated below)

As joked about in this rant, would a website running a story about unemployment be considered "anti-state"? Well, Biman apparently is cutting 1400 jobs (and apparently asking for a severance package of 43 MILLION USD!) in it's bid to stay alive. And where is this reported? At BBC and Dristipat of course, the two websites where the taxpayers of Bangladesh spend all their time!

Which is to say that neither the DS nor Ittefaq nor the New Age nor Amader Shomoy have this news on their website. Only the New Nation, Ittefaq's sister concern, has this piece.

I hope this delay is nothing other than breaking-news-lag-time. (PA still has not updated it's website). Because if not, then we really have something to worry about. I'll update with links to stories in the local media IF and when they become available.

Also of interest: this gem was found on the first page of Amader Shomoy instead of the Biman story. Should we laugh or cry?

Update: While PA did not run the Biman story, it did run this piece on the jute mills in Khulna. I know that there has been falling demand for jute since the 70s. But is there no case to be made to privatise these industries the way Biman is being privatised? Furthermore, what of the arrear payments that are due? Finally, if Biman is planning to give away 31,000 USD "golden handshakes" to each of its 1400 employees, how much should a jute mill worker get? More importantly, who decides?

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