November 01, 2007

Amar Bolar Kichu Chilo Na... Na .... Na

Jamaat-e-Islami assistant secretary on the motives of our MuktiJoddhas:

"Some joined the liberation war for the allure of beautiful women, some to loot Hindu property while some to serve the interests of India," Molla, assistant secretary general of the Jamaat, told a meeting at National Press Club.

"No one took part in the Liberation War out of patriotism or sincerity. Many attempted to involve Bangladesh in the idea of undivided India. The conspiracy is still on," he said while speaking at the meeting to commemorate the works of former Baitul Mokarram Khatib Obaidul Haq.


Ji. Ar apnara nishchoi Pakistanider shahajjo korsen out of pure selflessness tai na? Apnara to hochchen ferestha who don't know the vices of lust, greed and power, tai na? Thik asey meney nilaam. PROVE to me that the Muktijuddhas served Indian interests, fell to the "allure of beautiful women" and looted Hindu property. Those are serious allegations. We need them proven in a court of law. Come on asshole Na-Pak bhaiyera, start the investigation and we'll see how many Rajakars did the same versus how many freedom fighters. Let's have some evidence!

And to whatever (non-Rajakar) Bangladeshi is reading this, AL-er or BNP, pro-71 or pro-nationalist: these words should affect you in both camps. There would be no Bangladesh or Bangladeshi Nationalism or Ziaur Rahman or Bangladesh Armed Forces without the War of Independence. This man is showing utter disrespect towards the Genesis of our Nation and those Heroes who sacrificed all they had to achieve it. They did it for you, not for themselves and certainly not for the Indians!

Today in Bangladesh we raise our own flag and use our own beautiful language to cut each other down, thanks to those heroes. We have our own parliament and Dhaka rules over all, not Islamabad and certainly NOT Dehli. Hell, if not for those who fought in 1971, I'm not even sure my family would ever have had enough to give me a decent education. That goes for many of my readers too!

The least you can do in return is this: raise your voices. Silence is complicity. Worse, it is ingratitude.


Anonymous said...

Jamaat's sudden change in their stand on 1971 issues is very surprising and awkwardly timed. The most sane aproach for them was to lie low profile and try to be a powerful kingmaker in the upcoming election. Their uncharacteristic arrogance simply baffled me.

But let me give some food for thought. Look at all the progressive blogs of today. Include this one too. It is impossible to expect these bloggers keep silent when Mujahid and Shah hannan denies war crimes and Kader Molla trashes freedom fighters. And expectedly these bloggers are speaking up. Most blogs are focusing on Jamaat arrogance when it could have been hijack of BNP. If Jamaat stimulous was not there who these blogger would focus on? Wouldn't it be General ( Four Start-Self promoted) Moinuddin Ahmed or his puppet government? When is a better time to distract the dissenting voices when you are busy quickly finishing up dirty parts of the job?

Anonymous said...

Rumi bhai,

You are spot on. Why has Jamaat all of a sudden come out of its hole and stepped up its disinformation campaign? Shadakalo asked this a few days ago. One possible answer is what you allude to - the powers-that-be signalled the Jamaatis to raise their head while big changes are afoot in the mainstream politics.

Now, what should the bloggers do? When Al Gore is asked about the relative dangers from terrorism and climate change, he replies 'we've got to walk and chew gum at the same time'. It's the same thing for us bloggers - we've to be aware of the regime's naked undemocratic ambitions and counter Jamaati propaganda at the same time.

And when we counter Jamaati propaganda, we have to be very careful in how we do it. Imagine that a special tribunal set up by the regime bans key Jamaatis from participating in the election. One result will be that these Jamaatis will join the ranks of 'resistance' and when the regime ends, Jamaatis will join the victory procession. Thanks to the wrongheaded anti-corruption drive, SaQa CHowdhury is already locking in his next election victory posing as a victim, do we really want the same outcome for Nizami and Mujahid?

Does that mean we should remain silent? Of course not. In fact, we need to write more than ever before. BNP has a large grass root to counter regime change at the top, so it's reasonable to argue that the additional blogging effort is better served countering Jamaati lies.

So what should we do? We should use all our efforts to put the facts out.

DhakaShohor said...

Rumi bhai,

Jyoti bhai has said pretty much what I was about to say. The silent coup inside BNP is very, very worrisome. Progressive blogs should not be cheering this on and/or remain silent on it, and I certainly haven't. But what else I can do other than point out that it is the duty of intelligence agencies to defend us from external threats, and not break up political parties is beyond me!

All this has set a dangerous precedent and this won't die down soon. So expect more blog posts on the BNP thing.

*Walking and chewing gum*

Anonymous said...

From the point of view of someone who knows nothing about nothing, a mere speculation on my part would lead me to think that perhaps in the game of high stake poker, Jamaat took a calculated gamble to force the General to show his hand. The anti-AL vote has been up for grabs ever since BNP supporters deserted the Tareq Zia camp in favor of the Moinuddin bandwagon. Jamaat could be trying to establish itself as an alternative to AL. The effort to shore up BNP could then be an attempt to counter Jamaat. This may have been in the books, but Jamaat’s well orchestrated media blitz triggered the backup plan into immediate action, providing us with all the drama and the theatrics! DS and PA did not hold back any punches this time around, although they have been absolutely mum about the CTG/Army's misadventures. One would then imagine that they have the administration's blessings in having a cleansed BNP appear as a counter weight to Jamaat as opposed to having Jamaat solidify its role as a default alternative to AL.

DhakaShohor said...

Mahmud bhai,

Welcome to my blog! You've articulated what I've been thinking inside but couldn't put into words. The only caveat is: don't you think it's too big of a risk for Jamaat to have taken? Surely they didn't over-estimate the appeal of their anti-71 ideology by that much?

Anonymous said...

I don’t think the audience for Jamaat’s current disinformation campaign is the elite or civil society constituency that is vocal in the general media and the Internet. Jamaat would be ecstatic to be able to simply run out the clock in that particular game, because they are more interested in winning the war.

What they get to do here is frame the debate and draw their opposition into an argument that they firmly believe will not see a resolution in the courts. That would be enough for them to win the war through their non-elite constituency by feeding the anti-AL block just enough disinformation to accept them as the default opposition to all things Indian, non-Muslim, US, NGO, Women empowerment, progressive, democratic, etc.

Now let me elaborate why I think that despite the favorable comments from the CA in the media, no trial for the war criminals will be allowed to happen at least under its watch. You know some of us have been growing crazy during the last ten months trying to figure out the ideological and political leanings of the Army backed CTG. I guess instead of looking at them through those lenses, an alternate approach could be to view them simply as the “serious gondogol (conflict, unrest, agitation, etc.) avoidance cooperative”. The continuation of the emergency, the stifling of any voice of dissent either in the media or in the public domain, the dismantling of the ‘gondogol-wing’ of the two major political parties, the DU crackdown, Arif arrest, snooping and eavesdropping into private conversations, etc. do not necessarily reveal a consistent ideology or principle except for the desire to diffuse or preempt any developing situation of possible conflict and exercise control to stave off any possibility of widespread unrests that could bring about a change in the government.

I believe someone mentioned that Jamaat hardly does anything by impulse. If that is true, their decision to seize the moment, perhaps, could be taking into account something similar to what I have elaborated above.

Unknown said...

Thanks for another great writeup.

One thing for sure: Jamaat seems like the gambler who can't stop, or knows that the game is rigged. Since they have until now shown a calculated shrewdness missing from other political parties, I think they know what the future holds, or thought they knew.

Perhaps I am reading too much in the tea-leaves, but I can not reconcile these things:
1. Jamaati Shahjahan Chy's surrender after being on the lam for months, when the police was no where near finding him
2. The inexplicable timing of the Jamaat statements. The outcome still remains to be seen, but right now it seems like the biggest strategical mistake in the history of Bangladesh
3. Moeen's going AOWL

On the surface, Jamaat's declarations do look like a diversionary tactic. But I think it would have been much less risky to launch a staged or real bomb attack on some politicians, or even another cartoon controversy if a diversion was needed.

If you combine 1 & 2, it seems like Jamaat was given some assurances.

And where exactly is Moeen? This guy loves the camera and wants to be front-center all the time. Was he the one who promised protection to Shahjahan Chy if he surrendered?

I called ISPR but they refused to answer, and promised to send a press release to me.

The mystery continues

Anonymous said...

Asif, excellent post. The only quibble I have is that I would not call these "allegations" by Jamaat - that's giving it too much credit. I'd call it lies.

I'm with J. I'm looking for a Moeen sighting.

My response to Jamaat's sudden viagra moment is to keep doing what we have been doing. Document our history and spread the information far and wide. Let the deniers be marginalized as liars and thugs.

There seems to be a number of things afoot at the moment. I find it hard to believe that they are all simply random timing. Perhaps we should ask General Moeen to explain to us these recent developements - if only we could find him.

DhakaShohor said...


I'm not sure that Jamaat's timing is all that inexplicable. It could have been mere miscalculation on their part, but they probably did see this as their time to lure away the anti-ALers from BNP (see latest guest post). Deliberate they are, but smart, not always.


"Viagra moment"? Classic!

Yes, completely agreed. These lies have to be buried once and for all. And sometimes the best way to do that is to just use their own techniques on them. Ask for evidence, because after all these are allegations of wrong-doing as well as lies.

Let me just repeat again. You've been doing a fantastic job of collecting documents and video evidence since the Sarmila Bose saga. Keep it up! I'm thinking of putting up a few excerpts from Siddiq Saliq and Hasan Zaheer next week, in the spirit of condemning people out of their own mouths.

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